[] Zombie Massacre Boss Kills Self

Whenever I was doing the boss fight on nightyard, I died almost instantly to the horde of monsters. For some reason whenever I died, the boss flopped over into a ragdoll and whenever I respawned I was unable to deal damage to it as it was lying there. Eventually the boss completely disappeared and the timer ran out, rendering me unable to win the game.

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When I was bombing the Spider Queen with the flasks out of nowhere the boss just ragdolls, so I thought I won yet the boss still had almost full HP. I could still damage it but it couldn’t attack or move.!

Played the new map for the first time, the queen was invisible from the start of the round and then disappeared later in the same round with half of the healthbar remaining.

Used mercenary abilities to find where the queen is. See focus shoot and ALPS in GIF.

Recorded with Shadowplay and used Gyazo as .GIF

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My guess is it has something to do with the error handler for zombie AI added in .2 patch

It removes/kills zombies that has their AI/pathing stuck, and the boss gets stuck a lot so it gets deleted pretty frequently, happened on Village as well.

Was playing on Compound on the 6th day, and the spider queen must have gone off of the screen and gotten automatically killed because of the new hotfix. Happened twice in a row, first time we both had to die and restart, second time the turret killed it while it was out of bounds. Only noticed it happen on this map.

Thanks for all the reports on this issue. I have merged all the bug reports as they are all the same issue.

A fix has been pushed out.