[] Workshop Objects not Loading Properly (Resolved)

I’ve been having this problem with my condo since I started playing again since the 0.9 Arcade update. Only so many of my props load in as for the rest to hang as a loading icon. I have tried stashing and resetting my condo, but nothing else loads from there. Just recently, my troubleshooting snapshot got corrupted in a way and scaled the existing objects far too large to fit in the condo. It’s discouraging having to struggle with my condo when loading other people’s condos has no issues for me…

EDIT: Everything is now loading in properly on its own with some tweaks in the config. Deleting blocked Workshop items and setting game.ini to read-only seems to have alleviated my problem aside from some old canvases not loading in.

Mine doesn’t seem to load whatsoever, even after subbing and faving them.