[] Workshop item is immobile and unable to be edited after initial edit

Attempting to decorate a room with a bar of soap and once I made the workshop furniture item the aforementioned bar of soap, the item lost all ability to be contacted, edited, or moved in any way shape or form.

^ the model used

Annotation 2020-05-13 123113

Evident in the picture is that I can edit the wall. What is not evident is that I am trying to aim at the workshop furniture there and it is lacking collision so to speak.

Hope this isn’t a new or unheard of issue.

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Collision problems are generally due to issues with the workshop model itself, so this generally has to be fixed on the uploader’s end. As a workaround, you can use the item finder in the tab menu to stash the workshop item, and reposition the workshop crate before setting the model.


You’re definitely not the only one experiencing this. Someone else and I reported similar behavior, and I know for certain in my case that it only started happening after the unreal engine upgrade.

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Mine seems to be a different kind. I subbed items from the workshop and faved them, but they never seem to load up, much less show, from both furniture and physics item. And I’ve no idea how to open them up either.

I’ve had something similar, but I usually just wait, impatiently I might add, respawn the item, restart the condo, or switch between the “favorites” tab, “subscribed” tab, or the “browse” tab. That usually works for me, but I might be misunderstanding your issue.