[] Workshop Fatal Error

Returning player because I missed working on my condos in my free time. I downloaded and installed the game again today, only to find out that mods do not load. I did some googling and found out that I have to “allow downloads during gameplay” and “always allow background downloads”. Now some of my mods load and some don’t. When I right-click on loading mods and click subscribe, the game starts downloading the mod in the background, but once it’s done, it gives me a fatal error. I must’ve tried at least 10 times. However, this doesn’t happen in other people’s condos. I joined heavily modded condos with hundreds of items and the game didn’t crash once. Happens only in my condos. Any info/help would be appreciated.

Hello, sorry you’re getting crashes, do you have any crash dumps you could post to a dropbox? You can usually find them in :
(post that in your directory path and it should take you there)

Look for one last modified on a date/time you know to be when the crash occurred. Crash dumps can sometimes tell us more info about what part of the code actually caused the crash.



I’m sure you’ll find plenty here. Not only this but DX11 mode also crashes, it is also in there.

Any update? This isn’t only me, Ive read many people having this same crash.

Should be fixed with

-> https://trello.com/c/R5afJCLc/491-update-0910

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