[] While playing bowling a Memory Leak occurs

To be specific the memory leak has occured when there are 2 things present -Music playing on the lane’s screen, and -2+ Players are in the lane. Happened to me twice now and my friend once
Picture of the circumstances during the memory leak
Google Photos


so can you like hear the other person’s video while this happens?

yes you can hear the music but the game will completely lock up and you have to use steam or task manager to close it


I have the same issue, game is freezing randomly in bowling (media still playing).

There’s a known memory leak issue with Bowling media players, we’ll look into the issue as soon as we can. In the meantime, please avoid playing videos on them.


I’ve found a possible workaround, if you turn off “Media Dynamic Lights” as well as lower the “Media Video Resolution” to 480p, it seems to work for me.

I’ve also been having this issue for the past week, but doing that seems to have solved it for the time being.