[] Straights in poker not evaluated properly, again

in the real world, the 9-high straight would win here, but somehow I win with the 7-high straight

why is this still a thing 3 months after the issue was brought up?

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Aces are always high, this was never a bug.

…what ace?

the highest straight here is the 9, but i’m guessing because both “have a straight”, the queen was deemed the winning card, not the highest straight? That’s not how straights work tho… is it? I play poker a lot I’m terrible at it so it could go either way.

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Moved post to bug reports.

Hmm… This does look strange. It could have something to do with the game not knowing how to parse Kynto’s hand. They have two possible variations of a straight, either 4|5|6|7|8 or 5|6|7|8|9. Your hand only has one possible straight: 3|4|5|6|7.

That’s the only thing I can think of that might be causing it. The game’s code might be running into a conflict by Kynto having two possible straights at once, so it just reads yours as the winner.

I was referring to the original post they linked, not this one.