[] Offline Buying

I do not know why but when i try to buy some things my money goes complete offline but i’m still online in the game? I will edit the post with a pic if i can, i did have one but i copyed something and couldn’t record it.


The reason for why you don’t lose connection to the server you’re playing on when you lose access to your cash is because the cash is handeled by a different server than the one you’re connected to, the server in question is running a system which is called AGC (Authorative Game Coordinator)

Basically this system keeps track of a a bunch of stuff including transactions, how many arcade tickets you have, your total exp for each gamemode and how many units you have.

When it says “OFFLINE (AGC)” it is because the game has lost the connection to said system which means you won’t be able to things such as purchase items, earn units, earn exp.

Luckily it should automatically try and reestablish a connection to said system, when the connection is up again whatever request that was supposed to go to said system should automatically be sent and processed.


Ah i seem thank you very much. It just that it happens often and it pisses me off because im afraid i did not buy my items.

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