[] Getting Stuck on Casino Machines & Need to Disconnect to Solve

I have primarily been playing “Wheel of Money”, and my machine will quite frequently “bug” and then I cannot spin (with either spacebar, or by manually clicking). Sometimes I am able to leave the machine, and then access the machine again to eliminate the problem but other times I am unable to leave the machine using CTRL or the option via ESC. When using the ESC option, the button displays that the “game is busy, please wait”, but this message never goes away. The only way to solve the issue then, is to disconnect and reenter the server.


Same thing for me.

When its appen to me, i play 1 last time and its unlock me

That’s the whole point of the issue though, my machine somehow glitches and I can’t play. So I can’t do what you are recommending.

Oh ok, it’s not the same bug sorry