[] Cannot save Condo, auto-save does not work

I was working on a Condo in the ‘Condo’ map for several hours. After numerous auto-saves, I exited and reloaded the map. At least an hour of progress had not been autosaved.

Once I had replaced the lost work with the same changes made before, I attempted to manually save a snapshot of the condo. I noticed immediately that this did nothing – no save was appearing with the name I had given to it. I was able to save a snapshot several days ago, but not since then.

When I replaced the only existing snapshot with a new one of the same name, it did not do anything. The progress further reverted back to several days ago, meaning the save did nothing.

If it makes a difference, I have at least 30 snapshots saved on the ‘Suite’ and ‘Resort’ condo-types and have had difficulty creating new saves on those maps also.


Were you putting a “/” in the name of those saves? Like in a date?

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No. I tend to name snapshots a word followed by a number, usually without a space separating them.

Snapshots are stored directly on Steam Cloud. It could be that your Steam Cloud is filled up, preventing new saves. This is very frustrating and something we want to tackle in the near future.

Ah, that would make sense! Thank you for the response. I might try deleting some older Condo snapshots from other maps to see if that can clear up space on the Steam Cloud and resolve the issue. I will report back here with results.


Let me know if that’s the issue, I believe we can increase the amount of storage on Steam Cloud. Right now the limit is 100MB.

Since your reply, I went back and deleted many old snapshots from several Condos. As a result, Auto-Save began functioning again after making changes to my Condo. Snapshots also began working properly again and continue to function on the current patch.

The limit being increased would definitely help, but I believe it would also be helpful if some kind of error message could be implemented for when someone has reached the maximum Steam Cloud capacity. I’m not a developer so I can’t say that’s an easy task, but it would be massively helpful for clarity if such a situation occurs.

In any case, you were certainly correct and I can work on my Condo again. Thank you for your dilligence and hard work on Tower Unite.


Thanks for the update. I will look into adding a UI element and I’m gonna increase the storage limit on Monday.

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