[] Equipment Keybindings

Basically I unlocked the wowozela recently, I usually have the flying dragon pet equipped that makes roars when you press the ‘r’ key. The ‘r’ key is also used for the wowozela to change the noise it makes. So every time I am holding the ‘r’ key to change the noise, the pet is roaring constantly. I am making this also post because I saw someone talking about an similar issue with the Knight morph changing skins when pressing a button. So if possible it would be nice while holding an item or looking at certain things such as buttons, keybindings used for other equipment is disabled until that item or button you are looking at isn’t being held or looked at anymore.

These are only two occurrences that I’ve heard and personally ran into, but I imagine with more keybindings for certain equipment being used a lot of it is gonna stack on top of each other so I think there should be some sort of priority system for whats currently being held/looked at. Thanks!


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