[] Multiple issues

Hello there i seem to have a bunch of issues;

  • Can’t get any fish from fishing, they don’t go to my inventory
  • Transaction failed every time i try to purchase anything
  • Those “undefined” items in my inventory that are labeled as Special/Not available in store
  • Constant crashing every time, forces the game down and i seem to be able to replicate the issue, happens when constantly going to condo or gamemodes
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As for the crashes, there is a bug where 40% of the time you go to the main menu, you crash. It will be fixed in the upcoming hotfix. The “undefined” items must be the arcade milestones, they do not have icons. However, they should have icons in the upcoming hotfix. When you purchase something, the items should still go into your inventory. Usually it says “transaction failed” whenever the AGC is down, or sometimes appears when buying an item of some sort. The item should still go into your inventory.

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I also noted while i do get the items from purchasing even though it says it failed, i still do not get any fish from fishing at all for some reason, kinda annoying.

I can look into the undefined items for you. As for the Fishing stuff, are you connected to the back end? As in, can you see your units?

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Thanks, and yes i am connected to the backend and i can see my units, its just really hit and miss, sometimes i get the fish in my inventory, and most of the time i don’t


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