[] Uneven Ticket Rewards from Little Birde Feeders

I’ve been playing Little Birde Feeders a lot to get some tickets, but I noticed that the ticket rewards don’t make a lot of sense at the higher tiers.

If I manage to get 2500 points, I’ll get 600 tickets. But if I go above 2500 at all, like at 2650 or 3000 or 3500, etc, I’ll only get 500 tickets. I only get the 600 tickets if I stay exactly at 2500 when the game ends, either by chucking my remaining balls or waiting the timer out.

I’m not sure which part is the bug honestly, is it supposed to even pay out 600? Is it supposed to pay out more after 2500? Are the ticket amounts swapped by accident?

(Currently on build 4885569, happens regardless of which server I’m on)


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