[] Dizzy Bug Report

When looking at someone else playing Dizzy, if they win the jackpot, the LED indicator does not stop on the jackpot, but rather somewhere random. This happens every time someone gets a jackpot. I managed to catch this happening three different times.

I assume that this doesn’t happen only during jackpots but it puts the LED indicator in a different spot every go, this is because when you hit this thingy:image it makes like a sort of error beep thing, and I was standing next to another player when they hit this and got the beep, but the indicator did not show they got that but rather just a normal number.

Hope this makes sense, I tried to word it best I could.

Sadly no developers have replied to this.

This is now resolved in the next hot fix.


Ok, thank you.

Is it just the jackpot indicator fixed or all of the goes?

All of them.

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Ok ty

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