[] Arcade bug


My tickets that i won are not spitting out of the machine when i crouch
see video for example:

This happens on all machines.

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Added version number to the title for you. :wink:
Thanks for the report!

This happens because by crouching, you are leaving the machine (ctrl is leave by default) which will forfeit your tickets.


It is still strange behaviour when you think you are done and won and the machine kicks you out and when you crouch you will not receive your tickets

Luckily the machine did not kick you out, as macdguy said:

You accidentally pressed the Ctrl button, which is the button that is used to leave the arcade machine at any time, pressing said button is the thing that “kicked” you out of the machine.

Note that leaving the arcade machine in the middle of a game means you will lose the tokens that you used to start a game, and you will also not be able to get the tickets that you have earned during said game.

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