[] Workshop Items Not Loading Properly, Leading to Crash

Today’s the first time I’ve played since released, and I noticed when joining my condo, workshop items no longer load all at once like they used to prior to the hotfix, but rather one by one. Now some of them don’t load at all, and when I tried checking an unloaded item to see what is, I got a Fatal Error. This has happened twice now, but I only got one crash minidump.

Crash dump: https://mega.nz/#!XMtxEK6J!LnP-1DZFr5rkQGOlGkK_d5Jot4BGcIrdWc3__aYXkEA


Something I just noticed now is that the unloaded item that caused the crash was actually loaded fully, but underneath the unloaded object of the same Workshop model? Stashing the unloaded one seems to have prevent the crash from happening again, but that’s a strange one.

I think it was some sort of duplicate/ghost item

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