[] Custom canvas walls at default scale dont display right for guests

Canvas walls that have a custom texture with the texture scale set to 1.0 appear scaled down to an insane degree for any guests that load in. This phenomenon is not visible to the host.

Hosts can change it to something else and then back to 1X again to appear normal to people who are already connected, but said textures will continue to appear messed up to anyone the connects afterwards, including people that were present before. This does not happen to textures selectable from in-game

Example: This red floor. This is my friends condo and it appears normal to him. He can change sizes real quick, but it will appear reverted if I reconnect.

Semi-similar behavior with item properties has long existed as well. Custom tree colors often appear as default for guests until changed. Vending machine canvases also don’t display in favor of the default texture until changed after someone joins. However, I believe both of these have been reported long ago.

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I’ll take a look into it.

As for the other bugs reported, they have been known and are slightly different in their fix, but I’ll see if I can get those worked out as well.


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