[] Typing Derby does not draw horses that fall behind & incorrect visual rankings & frozen camera

Issue #1

When you break ahead of other horses, it will no longer draw that horse until you finish the passage.

Issue #2

When you enter the last word, some part of the game assumes that you are finished.

You still get the units for your actual place, but your ranking in the chat and middle notification are incorrect.

In the video below, you can see one horse fall behind. This horse is no longer visible until the end of the race.

This does not apply when you are behind another horse; you will see them once you catch up to them.

The visual rankings in the middle notification and chat also mess up:

  1. First person to finish was listed as #2
  2. Second person to finish was listed as #3
  3. Third (me) person to finish was listed as #2

In a second video, there were only two people this time.

  1. First person to finish was listed as #2
  2. Second person (me) to finish was listed as #1

I think these are all low priority issues.

The invisible horses’ only problem is that you may not know how close an opponent is when you’re getting close to the finish if you broke ahead early on.

The incorrect ranking problem isn’t really a harmful bug.

Issue #3

This third issue, however, may frustrate some newer players if they get distracted from this:

Basically, if something blocks the screen, your camera will refuse to move until you finish the passage or the race ends.

search terms in case someone tries to submit similar bugs: invisible horses , horses do not draw , 2nd place 3rd place typing derby wrong place , big model can block typing derby , model blocks typing derby.


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