[] Manual and Auto Condo Saves Not Working


I realized I may have originally posted this in the wrong forum and am now trying here.

I’m having an issue with Condo saves, both manual and auto versions, where the “Saving Condo…” message in the top right of the screen loops endlessly before disappearing leaving no save snapshot ingame nor a file in the save directory folder. I have attempted to create a copy of an existing save file in the save directory itself to no success as well, nothing new shows up in game. I can still load existing local or cloud saves but even those saves don’t “stick” when I exit and reload the condo. Any work done after loading a snapshot or starting fresh is completely lost upon leaving the condo.

I have tried restarting, verifying the game files, reinstalling the game, and have even done a full system reformat to no avail. At this point I’m banking on it hopefully being fixed arbitrarily on the next update. Has anyone experienced something similar to this or have any suggestions on what I can do to make saves work again?

Thanks in advance!!

Endless Saving