[] Compilation of Various Bugs

Hey everyone. Haven’t posted on the forums in a little bit (primarily due to me being busy with work), but I decided after an absolutely frustrating couple of days to come on here and compile what I’ve found in the game bug-wise. I hope reporting these helps. I’m going to organize them based on where in game they are.


  • Garden:
    Hole 1 - Ball will sometimes randomly clip through the first wall regardless of what speed you shoot it at.
    All Holes With Drums - Ball will sometimes clip through to out of bounds ground despite hitting only the drum.
  • Treasure Cove:
    Various Holes at Random - Clipping issues with wall.
    Hole 1 - Ball can get stuck on right ledge near start if ball lands on top, resulting in a time out.


  • Achievements:
    Achievement to visit other player’s condo doesn’t work for me and multiple others. I’ve visited at least 20 condos, still haven’t gotten the first condo achievement, let alone the visiting 10 condos one.
    Playing the Piano in front of three people achievement is also broken in the condos for me and multiple other people. Drum achievement works fine though.
  • Items:
    If you spawn the Hot Tub in one location, then use movement tools to place it in another location, the water splash effect will remain in the exact same spot your originally placed the Hot Tub.


  • Display Issues:
    DirectX10 causes weird lighting flashes when a player turns in any direction, especially with changed lighting colors in the condo. DirectX11 does not have these issues.
    On both DirectX10 and DirectX11, the graphics everywhere will randomly lower and stay lowered to minimum settings despite graphics settings saying otherwise. This bug usually happens when I use a triggering item (such as the bouncing trampoline in the plaza). The only way I’ve been able to reset this is by restarting the game. Going to the menu or a different part of the game does not fix it. This glitch happens in all areas of the game seemingly, as I’ve encountered it in the plaza, my condo, other people’s condos, mini games, etc.


  • Purchasing Cosmetics:
    When purchasing a cosmetic for your character in the menu (such as a trail, clothing item, etc) it will sometimes not register that you’ve bought the item, allowing the player to continue wasting money on said item. Switching to another cosmetic menu seems to fix this, but I’ve lost at least 20,000 credits because of this glitch, and I’m sure other players have lost more.

Thank you all for reading. I’ll update this with more if I find more. I know there are others, but my memory isn’t the best.

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