[]Equipping Turtle Problem

Used to be I had two turtles equipped at all times. When I got a 3rd one, I was not able to equip it. When I removed all of them then tried to equip them, it would not let me anymore. I do not know if we cannot do that anymore or it is a bug.

The Top image being the weapon/item hotbar, the bottom being wearables. I was able to have more than one on wearables, but now I can only put it in the weapon/item slots.

currently, you have to have pets in the equipment slot if you want to have more than one! i believe this was a decision made so that people wouldn’t be inclined to have so much visual clutter around their characters, but that’s just speculation.

No, it’s been a bug with the wearables bar since the new inventory was released. It just hasn’t been fixed yet.


As I said before, I had have 2 turtles in the wearable bar, but I removed it to see if it was a problem but now I cant put it back on.

I was a bit disappointed myself when I found out that you can’t have 16 flying turtles equipped. I hope this gets fixed.

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