[] Canvas resetting when using a material

Using materials on a canvas doesn’t appear to be saving upon leaving your condo. Loading back into the condo has all the canvases you set to use a material reset back to Canvas Not Set.

Attached video showing 2 canvas cubes, one with URL image and one with material. Material doesn’t save upon reload.


Yo that condo looks so cool, I’d love to see it in person.

I’ll take a look at this.


ive had this happen to me both today and last night

This happens to EVERY Canvas Wall i place after the update (URL or not). I’ve been making new builds with the canvas wall materials but all of my work gets reset. I’ve even had this happen to a Canvas poster being the wrong size - x,y,z scale reset but not the Object Scale.
Also to note that Annular Ceiling Light gets set back to an ugly yellow when the condo is reloaded.


Worth adding this as well:
Setting a canvas to a URL first and then setting it to a material goes back to the URL on reload. So it’s clearly just the materials that aren’t being saved with the canvas data.

(Also the material picker swaps to the left or right side randomly and it bothers me immensely)

Another few problems related to this:

  • Normal canvases also reset their size & shape on the wall to a square shape rather than a rectangle after leaving & entering the condo.
  • Also any custom URL canvases & canvas walls lose their custom color if one has been chosen.
  • Using copycat to copy textures/materials etc with canvas walls & cubes makes them randomly vanish.

This has been resolved in

Also fixed the canvas scaling not saving and copy cat tool.


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