[] Resizing breaks workshop (some) physics items (in varying ways)

Okay, I’ll leave everything below in case it’s useful. But here’s what we’ve figured out through more experiments: if you resize a workshop physics item, it breaks the physics. Sometimes. Not always, and not always in the same way. My resized chain link punching bag doesn’t work after I reloaded the condo (left and came back), but even if I resize it now I can pick it up and drop it and it stops on the floor. The checkers pieces work fine as-is, but if you resize them they no longer collide with the floor if dropped and will fall off the map and disappear.

I don’t know what to do with this information and this is rather frustrating, so that’s enough experimenting for now. Below is the documented process of figuring this much out. It’s probably not useful.

https://forums.pixeltailgames.com/uploads/default/original/3X/d/0/d0788fb63edbc43f02508d00e36c45757f2b05f7.webm I’m building in the first condo. I’m trying to make a working checkers game people can play using physics objects from the workshop. At 1x scale, I had two problems: firstly, they were too small to easily manipulate to play a game and secondly, when I would drop them in place they would fall through the table (regular furniture) and disappear. So I decided to go larger and see whether that helped. Since floorspace is a rare commodity, I built in the sky. First removed the skybox I was using. Then I built a large canvas wall to sand on and a second one with the image of the board. I flew up in a jetpack, so it’s reachable space and not outside the map. Yet the pieces (the checkers pieces in the workshop) still keep falling through these surfaces (canvas walls) and into the sea.

Please advise.

Update: Did this on the beach and just over the water, just above ground level, and got the same result.

Update 2: repeated experiment with red Sorry piece, in case it was the specific object. The first two times I moved it things went was fine, but the third time resulted in the same problem. My basketballs, bean bags, and beach balls all work fine, though. My confusion grows.

Update 3: same result when using glass walls. It seems only certain pre-existing surfaces that are part of the map itself are consistently treated as solid by imported physics objects (or rather by the engine when it it comes to their interactions with the world). Objects from the game itself, like basketballs and basketball hoops work fine. The common theme here is “imported physics object interacting with user-made surface that is not a part of the map itself”. Whether intentional (perhaps to avoid creating scenarios that overwhelm and crash the engine?) or not, that seems to be the issue.

The easiest solution might be to simply add “physics disks” , “physics cones” and the like to the game that can be bought, have no bounce (unlike the balls) and but can be picked up and interacted with like the balls? I imagine that would be easier than trying to change something about the engine itself? I’m no developer or programmer, so I’m really just guessing.

(moving to workshop bug reports)

Update 4: Okay, I don’t know why I didn’t try this before now, but it doesn’t even stop on the actual ground. Video attached.

Update 5: if I drop them in the living room or kitchen, they hit the floor and stop as they should. What is difffrent about that surface compared to the ground outside?