[] Impossible to type characters on a International US layout

AKA man yells at a keyboard.
As you can see, despite using a Qwerty keyboard, I’m unable to enter some specific characters due to using a International US layout with dead keys (As i ain’t a tea or a burger person, but more a baguette person).
So, In that case, for some specific characters, I would suggest ro allow a bit more than one, as people could be typing in that case either " or “.
Reverting to the previous typing derby system could work too, but i’m pretty sure most, will refuse that idea.

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The problem is the layout itself and how dead keys work.
Since the layout has that key as a dead key it requires a second input, which is used to combine characters into one.
For example, a and " forms ä, and w and " writes "w

Trouble is when the second key is pressed it sends both key inputs as one, and since it seems that the current derby system wants the specific character it is showing on the screen and nothing more, the dead key input will be seen as incorrect.

There are two ways to fix the issue.
You can press the " key and then press spacebar to make it only send in the " symbol since the dead key seems to see spacebar as an empty input.

Or if you want you could change your keyboard layout to something else, like Canadian Multilingual Standard which allows you to make the " symbol by pressing shift and .

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