[] Using escape to exit pause tabs "defocuses" the game (And can eventually crash it)

(Edited this down to be a little less crowded and confusing)

The bug:

Exiting tabs with escape in the pause menu doesn’t really work right.

Initially after exiting the menu it “defocuses” the game (You have to click to be able to interact with anything), and every escape press after that causes the screen to flicker.

These flickers cause framerate dips that can eventually crash the game (Though only when having recently interacted with the more intensive inventory menu).

This is a flow chart (And I’ll admit it, an unnecessary one, but what can I say I have fun with my bug reports) mainly to illustrate how the bug can be replicated.

All it does is go step by step how you can walk through it, at its core showing that either exiting the inventory menu, or having just interacted with it, leads you to develop these major frame dips and an eventual crash.

It sorta only makes sense if you’ve tried it out yourself, and isn’t necessary to understand the bug being reported.

Part of this was just me diving a little deeper than I needed to into this bug, but it did genuinely interest me to learn how it worked (And something about a nice flow chart makes me feel happy).

Although the crash is so obscure and hard to trigger that it isn’t much of a concern, the menu defocusing is a genuine problem I’ve been having for a while now.

Crash dump:



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