[] Straight Flush not registering in Video Poker

I got a straight flush in video poker today, only it decided to register as a normal flush. Super disappointing since I should have gotten 500 (x15) credit and only got 60 (x15) credit instead. I have a feeling it was probably an achievement too. :frowning:

This was previously marked as “not a bug” but definitely should be. Aces are always high OR low in poker.

It does state on the casino “rules of poker” board that Aces are always high. It isn’t a bug, though it might be worth arguing to make aces both low and high in a different thread.


What the hell? Make that note better readable and bigger in white. It is less visible when you set the brightness lower and probably unreadable when the textures are set to low (can’t test this then the texture quality option is broken)

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