[] Condo lighting is significantly darker than usual

The lighting in my Suite condo is significantly darker than how it was previously.
I’m assuming this is a bug, since it wasn’t mentioned in any patch notes, so I’m posting about it here.
I don’t know what’s caused it - either some lighting thing changed, or the game’s overall brightness changed, or what, I’m not sure.
Adjusting the brightness of any lights in my condo doesn’t help at all, not even setting them to max.
The screenshot below is the best comparison i have for it, but the rest of my Suite is the same way in terms of comparitive darkness.
I’ve heard from other people that this problem only affects the host of a condo, but I had a friend visit mine to test it and they reported it was as dark as it was in that second screenshot.
My Gamma setting is at 220 in both screenshots - in the 245 hours I’ve put into TU, I haven’t changed that setting once. I tried boosting it to see if it’d help fix the current lighting any, and all that really does is blow out the colours and make things slightly brighter at the cost of it looking bad.
If this is an intended change, please consider reverting it, as it significantly changes how my Suite looks, and I’d imagine its equally affecting other players, too.

Pretty sure I heard that there is a bug that appeared recently where the owner of the condo sees it darker than what everyone else sees

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this is still an issue in, so i’ve updated the title accordingly.

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