[] Game Freezes on Lag

Hey guys. I’m playing TU today, up until the game stabs me in the back with some most severe penalty: the lags.

My game is in 8 FPS, tons of Join buttons starts to spam by itself.

Plus, I’m playing on the DX10 version of this game, and it still froze on itself.

Are the developers completely lazy? WHY???

  1. Don’t be rude. The Devs have a lot of things they’re working on, and Don’t panic.

  2. Lag is something of an issue. You’ve stated that you’re playing on Dx10. What are the specs on your computer?


have you downloaded optifine?


Windows 10 Professional
GeForce GTX 960
AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor
8 Go of RAM
64 bits, x64 Processor

Does this help?

Ok this might be the reason. Your GPU is not very good for this type of game. I would reccomend an upgrade if at all possible.

If not, turn down your settings until you achieve a stable framerate.

(isyotyope was making a joke)

Tower Unite isn’t too poorly optimized most of the time, and they frequently try to make improvements, but it does have some compatibility issues. By that I mean certain graphics cards (And often integrated graphics) just struggle to do much at all.

Just a very small upgrade in GPU can boost performance a lot, my PC isn’t great at all, and I have a fairly low end GPU, but even with maxed out graphics I can still get around 40 FPS in most areas.


I’m choosing this option.

Any recommanded settings?

Shadows being on low helps a bunch. I’d recommend making sure you can handle the textures and foliage too. Try experimenting with it a bit till you find what you want.

Thanks I’m too lazy to fix it to myself.


Oh I’m sorry.
You are making a trick on me,
since this is Halloween after all.

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