[] Workshop Model Loading, Model settings not saving, Voice not working

Ho boy this update broke a lot.

-Workshop models are not loading in the plaza. Even the K-Respwan method isn’t working, as the game is not pulling the models from steam at all.
-Appearance settings are not being saved locally. This is apparent when joining servers, or when Reswpaning.
-Voice chat is also not working in the Plaza.

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Please try deleting your workshop cache and settings and see if re-setting and re-downloading them works. Another thing we’ve noticed even prior to working on this update is that steam will just sometimes refuse to pull stuff from workshop (even with a download queued). There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it. If after doing the above and it still persists after a day or something please let me know on this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

The issue was due to the loading of the game it seems. The only issue that persists is the game not remembering model selection.

Ah okay, just want to clarify a couple things for debugging purposes:

  • Did the issues go away due to clearing the cache or post weekend hotfix?
  • Is it not remembering your selection for default models, workshop models, or both?
  • Does it remember changes to your color selection settings?

This will be helpful in tracking down the problem, thanks

Nevermind, tracked it down during testing and have a fix in place.

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