[] Plaza doors and interactibles acting very strangely

As of the update, most of the doors in the plaza are either completely nonfunctional or have weird quirks. The only way to access most sub-areas is to use fast travel or to clip out of bounds.

The Bowling Alley door only works if you’re right up close to the wall. Bowling can be played. The store clerks cannot be interacted with (but Vendy can be).
The Casino entrances and exits don’t work.
The Trivia door works on the way in, but you cannot leave the Arcade & Trivia Center. You cannot play Trivia.
The Upgrades door is the same as Trivia. It only works on the way in.

All of the aforementioned sub-areas also have no collision on their doors. You can just walk through them to get out of bounds.

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This is known and we are making a patch as soon as possible.

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