[] Bowling kicks me out randomly

For some reason, on the tenth frame after i bowl the first throw of the tenth, it just removes me from bowling without any error message. I almost feel this is some sort of anti-Macro/anti-AFK system that I’m hitting, can anyone confirm? I don’t even know anymore now…

EDIT: Saw someone in chat complain they keep getting kicked out of bowling on their first frame.
EDIT 2: Next time I got kicked out frame 2

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Yeah, I’m receiving similar issues with bowling as well- it seems to kick me randomly, sometimes after the first frame, sometimes the second :<

I was playing with a friend and the game kicks me out of bowling after the first throw in the first frame. I tried going on multiple different servers and each time, I was kicked out of the game.

I’ve also experienced this when I don’t make a strike on the frame, even that I’ve filmed the bug in the game.

Link to the video footage: https://youtu.be/dvhiTceswzU

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Mine seems to be happening whenever I don’t get a strike. If I miss a single pin and it has to try and go to the second throw, it kicks me out. Here’s a video as well:

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Okay so that explains why I end up going to the tenth frame then getting booted, because the tenth frame is two throws minimum. With that said, bowling is completely broken and cannot be worked around. I hope this gets fixed fast.

A fix is being made.


Fix is done and ready for the hotfix.


In the meantime, if you really want to go bowling, you can do so without a Workshop playermodel equipped.


Seems to work fine. Well done!

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