[] Anti-Aliasing is disabled in the Condo building

Anti-Aliasing is disabled when the player is in the Condo building.
Anti-aliasing is applied if player go out the building.
The place where the problem occurs is at “Condo”, “House”, “Suite”, “Resort”.

This is not anti-aliasing. This is a softening post processing effect that gets applied along with some brightness and bloom changes whenever you step outside. It’s basically just FXAA but a lot stronger.

After testing this further, it appears that this is simply an illusion of being farther away. The jagged lines in my testing and in your video do not appear more or less blended in with the environment, just simply more obvious as you are farther away due to the smaller cracks in the deck.

The closer / farther effect also is worsened by the angle that you face the deck at.

These results do not appear to change on different settings, nor do they differ between the DX11 / DX10 versions of the game.

I think this is anti-aliasing.
Because, Turning anti-aliasing off and on again will have an effect in buildings.(only Temporal)
and will be disabled again upon reboot Tower Unite.

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It turns out, you are right.
In both of these pictures, temporal filtering anti-aliasing was set to on, and ultra.
The only difference is in the second one, where I toggled it off and back on.

Not toggled, set to on

Toggled, set to on

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