[] Rounding errors in condo object position/rotation/scale

For example: No matter how many times I set a certain canvas cube in my condo to be at Z:260, it changes itself to Z:260.000031

Not a huge issue but it does make it feel clunky to deal with when you’re typing the numbers in manually to get things perfectly lined up.

This is a known issue, but I’m not sure when it would be fixed due to it being low priority

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I thought it might be a floating point representation issue (not all numbers can be precisely represented using floating point values), but I checked and it turns out 260 can be.

I don’t do anything with the values to “round them off” or anything deliberate like that, so this is likely more to do with the way rotations are represented in UE4 (as well as many other modern engines).

Quaternions and Euler representation and the conversions back and forth probably introduce this small error somewhere and if that’s the case its simply not something we can fix.

TL;DR: Looked into it, probably an unfixable engine thing.
What we might be able to do though is say cut off the value after the last 3 digits after the decimal as nobody really needs that level of precision.


Its not just with rotation though, position and scale both have the same issue.

Tried fo find a way to reproduce it but it seems to randomly happen sometimes and not other times

But yeah just rounding to the nearest thousandth would be an improvement if the underlying issue cant be fixed

the only time i needed to go that far down was when i was working with massive workshop models like a skybox to shrink it to fit in a room for a project.

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