[] Khromidro level 8 Ball Race leaderboard blank

Leaderboard for Ball Race - Khromidro - Level 8 is not behaving properly. Appears to not be recorded OR not returned from server.

On first open, I was presented with this (only level 8):

If you visit another level LB, and THEN visit Level 8 LB, THAT level rank and score will display.
So if you got a rank of #10 and time of 30 seconds on level 5, and visited level 5 LB, and then visited Level 8 LB, it would say #10, 30 sec.

As you can see, no other names come up.

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If I’m not mistaken, Level 8 on Khromidro is the bonus level. This might happen on all other course leaderboards.

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Maybe it can be hidden/deleted then. Doesn’t make much sense to have it there

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