[] Unprovoked connection lag with official servers

Ever since around when Lobby 3 was released, I started getting intense internet connection related lag issues with exclusively the pixeltail games official servers. Originally getting 30-40 ping I now get 100-160 ping making actions like gambling, jumping, using throwables, etc delayed by one second. This lag makes various events and lobby minigames aggravating to play. This is incredibly annoying and there is no apparent fix since I don’t have this issue with player hosted servers or other games. I’ve already re-installed the game and nothing has changed… please help!

I’ve always found full lobbies to be laggy. The more players there are, the worse my ping gets. It doesn’t seem to be new to lobby 3.

I would agree with you but holding tab in a lobby with 40+ players says otherwise. Only 2 or 3 people are struggling while most average at 50 ping.

That’s the weird part, everyone elses ping appears fine. I had a friend tell me that my ping looked fine, but I looked at it myself and it was above 150.

I’ve had instances where my ping would show 50+ to me but others would tell me I had 12 ping


Well that might be the case but when I play the game it feels like 100+ ping due to the delays and whatnot. So others may see my ping lower and I may see there ping lower than it is but nevertheless it’s an issue that affects my ability to play the game

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this is offtopic, but when I saw your icon while it was tiny I thought it was a fox that was on fire

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