[] LowLevelFatalError i can't PLAY

Hello! Sending my crash dumps here, i’m crashing every 5 minutes; in the plaza, in my condo, in minigames. I just can’t play; please help me!


Thanks for helping, looking forward to be able to play lol

Try to verify the game files.

I did it, i’ve also uninstalled and downloaded the game again, but since that the crash are more frequent :confused:

This seems to be a common bug with Unreal Engine 4 seeing as many people get this error with ARK (another game made with the same engine.) I’m no game developer or bug expert but if you can’t find help here maybe searching the web for the issue will help you find a fix. It seems a part of your system may be out of date… possibly try updating your drivers? I hope I could help! :slight_smile:

Hello, and thanks for your answer!
I’ve just used the AMD website to download the softwares for my Ryzen 5 1600, and the drivers for my B350 chipset, unfortunately i keep crashing after 1 or 2 minutes of playing :confused:

Okay i’ve found a workaround, i’m sharing it if you’re having the same issue. Just change your launch settings on steam and add: -norhithread -dxlevel 81

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