[] Invisible collision box in front of you

In my condo there appears to be an invisible wall directly in front of me, preventing me from interacting with anything in the right side of my screen.

Here’s me interacting with a wall in third person. I didn’t realize that my mouse would disappear upon taking a screenshot, but you can still see the ‘edit wall’ prompt.

If I go into first person, on the other hand, I get nothing. I tried to get another picture with my mouse cursor, but I couldn’t, so you’re going to have to take my word that It’s in roughly the same place.

When trying to place an object in the affected area, it seems to spazz out in the air directly in front of you. This also happens if you try placing it in front of you in third-person. You can also use this to place the object in the air.

It also persists into the plaza if you set a firework down. I also changed my playermodel to the default skeleton playermodel, thinking that the custom model was causing it. This did not help.

This is the collision issue with the pool noodle(Developers know about it), unequip it from your hotbar and you should be good

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Wow. Ok then. Well, I guess that solves it. Thanks.

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