[] Can't change the resolution of the game

Like the title says, I can’t change the resolution, even if I switch between the fullscreen mode, fullscreen borderless mode or the windowed mode.

Note : The windowed mode is like the fullscreen borderless mode.

Just for absolute clarity on the record, have you, in fact, updated your client to, or did you mean to label this as an issue? Either way, that’s weird.

Oh sorry, I made a mistake in the title, it’s the version ^^’

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No worries; just checking!

I haven’t seen anyone else complain about this (yet), so there’s a possibility that it’s on your end. (I’d check on my own copy, but I’m away from my computer right now.) Have you recently updated your display drivers or played with any graphics settings on your card?

And, er…stupid question: have you tried changing the resolution in game again after rebooting your machine? lol

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It’s probably a problem with my graphics settings, i’ll tell you later if I have some news.

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Yeah it must be that, I can’t open my configuration panel of NVIDIA because it says “You are not currently using a NVIDIA graphics-connected display”.

But that’s weird, I have tested to change the resolution in an another game and it works.

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Since changing via the settings menu doesn’t work you can always change the information in the game files themselves.
The settings file you need should be here
Then head down to the two lines that should be called “ResolutionX” and “ResolutionY”.
Then you just change the numbers to match the option you wanted in the settings.
Save the file and you’re done

As for the nvidia panel not working id recommend seeing if your monitor is actually connected to a nvidia gpu, if it is then the nvidia panel is probably just out of date so try updating it.


Thanks for resolving that (even if it is not the normal solution).

And for the NVIDIA panel, I’ll check that by myself.


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