[] Audio Clicking/Crackling Issue

This is an issue that has been present during the entirety of my time with Tower Unite, but it hadn’t become annoying until this most recent update, 8.0.0. Basically, whenever there is music playing, the audio begins to crackle and click nonstop. It doesn’t occur in the lobby because there is already basically no sound, however the main menu and any gamemode has this infuriating crackling. Not to mention that the crackling seems to mess with performance. Whenever I turn the volume off it seems to fix it, but it would be fantastic if someone could help me with another fix so I can listen to will’s great music.

Here’s some of the things I already tried:

  • Turning all my graphics options to low
  • Updating my audio driver
  • Turning off fast startup
  • Going from Windowed to Fullscreen
  • Clearing my Canvas and Workshop Cache
  • Messing around with the Nvidia Settings

Any more suggestions to fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated.

This seems to be an issue with the PAK build and we’re hoping its resolved in, which should be out very soon.

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