[] Pressing Tab affects the chat when scrolling

It’s been a bug for a while now and I’m not sure if anyone else is getting this but pressing tab and scrolling the leader board with right click while walking causes me to type in chat in the background. It happens to me rather often considering I look through the leader boards quickly while I’m walking. Best way to replicate it is walking forward, and while holding W, hold TAB, and then scroll with right click. release TAB if you’ve stopped walking after scrolling, at this point you’ll be typing in chat without chat even being open.

Update: I guess it especially happens when scrolling hard enough for the cursor to reach the bottom of the screen, assuming it’s because I play in fullscreen borderless.

Update 2: It seems to happen even when scrolling just a little, at least enough for the list to scroll after releasing right click.

Update 3: It happens when chat is active, then scrolling with right click in leader board causes it to stick and type in chat in the background

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a video might help with explaining the bug

As you can see, I have input history on the top left of the video.

Wow that is quite weird

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