[] Emission Hole 9 HIO is unobtainable

This always happens no matter how many times I try to get it

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I think you’re just hitting it too hard? I have the achievement and it worked fine.


Nah it’s always done this no matter how hard I hit it

I usually get this one, not sure what power I do though

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Usually I go full power and always make it. What are your frames?

Perfect vsync’d 60 fps

It seems to vairy for me, sometimes it happens and sometime it doesn’t.

The angle needs to be precise.

A lot of people don’t seem to realize this, but the speed you come out of the exit teleporter is the same no matter what speed you have going into it. You could do the lightest putt in and still get the same speed going out as if you went full power.

Angle is what matters. Try it, for instance, with just the first hole on emission (since you can easily reset that.) Try different angles, different speeds, and you’ll see the only thing that matters is angle.

If you’re not getting the Hole in One, it’s because you need to adjust your angle going into the teleporter.

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