[] Ball Race - Timer starts late after joining server

So a while back I joined a Ball Race game on GLXY just as they had started the first level, and I guess this lagged my timer or something because when I got to the goal it said my time was “02.681” which is impossible because A. I definitely was on that level for more than 3 seconds and B. I’m pretty sure it isn’t possible to get to the goal that fast in the first place.
Screenshot here (note: the timer is inconsistent with the time shown since i was delayed in taking the screenshot)
If you check the leaderboards for GLXY level 1 you’ll see two other outliers (who i’m pretty sure had the same issue) who got 05.640 seconds and 06.088 seconds followed by a bunch of people in the 9-10 second range, which is around the normal fastest time for that level.

You can see this in other levels (usually level 1) as well, for example Midori level 1’s top 10 is in the range of 17-18 seconds, but then there’s one outlier at #1 who got 04.139 seconds, which again I’m pretty sure was caused by this late timer bug.

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Makes sense, I don’t think i achieved the time right but seeing this post confirms my speculations that my time was bugged.

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