[] can't import models due to over-indexed bone

i’m using the supplied rig from steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\Workshop\SDK

Use the rig from https://www.towerunite.com/sdk/resources/workshop/TowerUnite_Workshop_Rig_2.0.zip

I’ll update the one in the Steam folder soon.

same issue with the one from there, heck even using the dave.dae as a test and using the turig.blend from the tu sdk website it still does the same result

Getting this same error (different number) right now. I tried re-importing a playermodel that worked fine yesterday (using the 2.0 rig from the link) and got this image

I’ll fix this asap.

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This should now be fixed in a client patch we just released.


Whoa whoa whoa, @macdguy when did y’all get a workshop 2.0 rig??

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