[] Regular Catsack missing tag

The regular catsack does not have the “Catsack” tag, whereas the silver one does. I haven’t been able to check if the other catsacks are missing this.


I think regular catsacks are missing the catsack tag, the regular catsacks not showing up under “catsack” drove me crazy for awhile until I gave up and tracked them down in my inventory without any tags.

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This might be because the “Catsack” tag means its an item you get from the catsack? Like the fishing tag. In any case, giving it the catsack tag would be helpful.

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That makes some sense. Though there are plenty of items you can get from catsacks (ie. traffic cones, cacti, monitors) that aren’t tagged as “Catsack”. In any case, a Catsack that isn’t identified as “Catsack” is rather confusing.

It could refer to items that you exclusively get from catsacks, but then again, the silver catsack is purchasable. And though at the moment I can only assume that golden catsacks are tagged as catsacks, those are also obtainable through treasure events, thus also not making them catsack exclusive.

I think even if it’s a tag just for items you can only get from catsacks then it should also be put on catsacks themselves since that just makes sense.


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