[] the roof disappears

I know it disappears to help with lag but even if your flying above it, it just gone not just it does not just disappear when it out of sight

Try increasing your render distance

The same thing happened to me with my render distance on High (haven’t tested on Ultra). I know it’s not the highest setting but I didn’t expect the roof to come clean off - there could be some basic LODs on there such as a wooden floor.

It is possible to see the bar at the maximum altitude on the map with render distance set to Ultra

In terms of distance the bar seems to stop rendering when you are on the edge of the fountain area, around this spot:

It could use an increase far away you can be from it before it stops rendering
But i will agree that it could use a simple placeholder wooden floor so that the tower isn’t completely see through.

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This has been fixed in the next update. Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:

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