[] Winter Lobby: Metal materials with red flash/glow


The best way to explain this is that anything metal, or having a shiny texture flashes red.

These are just a couple examples where the map was flashing Red. It hasn’t stopped since the previous day when it started meaning it’s been happening for a full 24 hours and I believe it began after selecting a workshop skin. It’s starting to cause strain on my eyes and might cause seizures in people who experience them. It’s a constant flashing unless I’m completely still.


Does it go away if you turn off Workshop from the options?


The only time i’ve experienced this myself was a long time ago on my laptop with integrated graphics. I’ve not had this happen since then, and havent had any issues recently in this update.


Strange. Can’t say I have noticed this but I haven’t visited the lobby in a couple of weeks


This has been reported a few times before.
The other times this was fixed by updating the software for your graphics card