[] Plaza: Lighting changes if you cross certain spots

There are many spots throughout the Plaza crossing which changes the lighting of the entire Plaza.

I was able to get pictures of only two though:

  1. In the Boardwalk in front of Celebrations:

Crossing this spot changes the lighting:

As you can see the lighting is greenish

Crossing the spot again:

The lighting is pinkish now

For some reason this also causes change in the reflection on the Shooting Gallery desk:

The next time:

(Also, why is there the reflection of the interior of Laser Tag?)

  1. Over ‘Fresh’:

Crossing this spot changes the lighting:

Dark lighting

Crossing it again:

Blue-red lighting

Crossing it again:

Red lighting

Crossing it again:

Blue lighting

Crossing it again:

Whitish lighting

There are many more spots where I have experienced this. My settings were also all on Ultra.

this looks like its just the lights unloading from a certain distance

I was moving back and forth,i.e., I was technically at the same spot.

the light outside is kinda blue and when you’re inside its white, if you stand in the transit station and look outside it looks nicer imo (i hope lobby 3 will have consistent lighting between inside and outside)

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This is a post processing bug, some of the post processing layers are merging where they shouldn’t.

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