[] Unable to Turn the Dragon off in L.C. when it's in the corner


Hello! I’ve just found a big bug in Little Crussaders when we played.

In Toy Room (i guess it happens in other maps too) if the Dragon stays in the corner with the button looking to the back you are unable to press the button and turn the Dragon off as a Knight. Even if the Dragon flies up, the problem doesn’t get solved until the big purple animal moves out from there.


When the dragon has it’s back in the corner, you can usually turn it off by jumping on top of it and crouching. Make sure to crouch while on top of the dragon, this allows the button to be pressed. There are some spots though where the dragon is able to wedge it’s back so that you can’t even get on top of it and I find those spots bad especially how easy it is to eat the birb as dragon


Well i was able to jump on It’s back and it wasn’t matter if i crouch or not, i couldn’t press the button anyway. The Button’s texture was clearly not too close to the wall so the pressing opportunity was as normal as anywhere else.


What corner was it, because I am usually able to press the button when the dragon is in the corner if I crouch and press it.


It was the corner to North-West from the spawn of the Knights (This is the corner where the Dragon usually spawns close to).


What map is it on


probably minecraft map number 3


Toy Room.


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