[] My Game Freezes a Lot


My game freezes for a couple frames constantly. I can freeze around 20 times per match of Virus, and it effects the whole game. It seems like it freezes when it has to load a section of a map, or a lot of props at once. A few examples are loading a section of Desertion, loading in all of my condo items at once, or loading a store in the plaza. It also seems to happen when getting slightly close with a playermodel and quickly turning, though not always. This affects every playermodel, even the Virus infected and Little Crusaders dragon.


Do you run on an SSD?


I do.


Hmm, that’s weird. I play TU on the highest settings and my game normally doesn’t freezes.


I just tried updating my graphics drivers, lowering the graphics setting, and verifying TU’s game files, but I think it freezes more than it did before. I just played a 30 second round of Virus on Overtime and my game froze almost 10 times.


Have you tried running a diagnostic on your SSD. Are the read speeds good?

If the SSD is ruled out then maybe a reinstall might do.

Also have you tried clearing workshop cache?


I just tried checking my SSD for any errors and it seems fine. I haven’t tried clearing workshop cache, so I’ll do that before I reinstall the game.


I reset the cache and the game freezes less, but it’s still a bit annoying. I’m going to try reinstalling now.


I tried reinstalling, and I think it got worse again. It seems to freeze the same amount of time and the freezes are always around 5 frames long instead of 1 or 2 frames long, like they were before.


Maybe try running it off a HDD and see if there’s any difference, to rule out the SSD causing it completely.

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