[] Workshop materials are broken

When loading in workshop items, transparent and emissive materials do not work. The toon shader does seem to work, but I’m not sure if it’s working properly.

Edit: I believe this only happens with workshop furniture, not playermodels.


Yes, I just noticed this bug when i was checking my models. Some transparent textures do not seem transparent. It’s ok in the workshop editor. But If you load it in the game, this happens.

I tried to reupload my models but the situation is same

This bug appeared after Hot Fix


I understood the problem better. All transparent textures become transparent at one side only. When you switch back of the transparent surface, it seems as a plain texture. You can see better in the video

I had some flower models that used to have transparent textures, but they’re broken now.

I’m aware of this and a patch is being made.


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