[] Jetpacks do not actually equip when equipped

When joining servers with a Jetpack equipped in your hotbar, it is very inconsistent if it will actually be on your character and let you use the jetpack.

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Put it in the wearables (tab with the hat) tab instead of the equippable tab (tab with the gun)

But Jetpacks are equippables. Also, it works sometimes, but not all the time, which is the issue.

Equippables are meant for weapons and etc. if the jetpack belonged in it, there would be no point in having wearables. Equippables, are also meant so you can swap the weapons using number keys. You can’t really swap to the jetpack.

But it still works in that tab.

Inventory is loaded. Moving it to another slot may sometimes make it work, but this is STILL buggy behavior.

I feel like, personally, the whole inventory/hotbar system needs cleaning up and revamping. There are bugs for me all over the place, just like this


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